About Us

Waykambas Branding is an insightful branding catalyst that enables brands to rise, leverage and transform to achieve brand goalds and beyond. Since 2006, we have been collaborating with bold change leaders and broad industries that birng us exceptional multidimensional thinking to weave inspiring, irresistible, and impactful brand experiences. We believe in co-creating the new brand ecosystem for a better future.


The WayMaker

With our diverse team of avid creatives, witful futurists, creative strategists, and culture enthusiasts, we are cohesively craft an intersection between solutional insights, aspiring designs, and impactful changes.

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William Berlian

William Berlian Chief Operating Officer

Lestari Ho

Lestari Ho Head of Business Development

Lady Diana Brand Designer

Billy Sidharta Junior Brand Designer

Juliansyah Luthfi